Talk on St John the Evangelist, St. George, Redfern

On the evening of Tuesday, 25th of June the St George Bible study group was blessed to be joined by His Eminence Metropolitan Basilios. We gathered in the Cathedral for an edifying spiritual talk on St John the Evangelist, also known as the “Apostle of Love”.

During the talk, Sayedna provided a detailed insight into the life of St John the Theologian. Not only was St John one of Christ’s closest three disciples to whom the Lord revealed His divine mysteries many times, he was the beloved disciple of Christ to whom He entrusted His mother at the foot of the Cross.

Sayedna also described the five books from the Holy Bible written by St John, namely the fourth Gospel, his three Epistles and the book of Revelation. He emphasised how the Gospel according to John was distinct from the synoptic Gospels. Unlike the other Evangelists, St John did not discuss the Genealogy or early life of our Lord – instead, he begins his Gospel by affirming Jesus Christ as the Logos or the incarnated “Word”. He then focuses much of his Gospel explaining the theological significance of seven specific “signs” or miracles performed during Christ’s ministry which emphasise his divinity as the Son of God.

Sayedna then explored St John’s life – from the Gospel accounts to his travels and time in Patmos where the book of Revelation was revealed to him. He explained how St John was a true theologian due to his prayerful and contemplative nature. Thank you Sayedna for sharing such an inspiring talk with us. May the life of St John the Evangelist continue to inspire us to lead of a life of prayer and active silence.